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Inner Journeys

For those who think of Bob Ravenscroft as strictly an acoustic piano purist, Inner Journeys offers a deeply moving and atmospheric sound that travels into new regions beyond jazz. To create these amazing soundscapes, Ravenscroft coaxes every imaginable mood and dynamic nuance from his grand piano, but may also turn to his synthesizer and find an additional evocative sound palette. On occasion, Inner Journeys is accompanied by a visual media specialist whose projected images inspire further innovation.
According to Ravenscroft, who relocated to the Phoenix area in 2003, Inner Journeys provides him with a new way to further explore the common ground between contemporary music and deeper matters of the soul.

“For me, this is the point where it all comes together,” he says. “It's where music meets soul in the truest sense. We're anxious to see where it can take us.”



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