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Bob Ravenscroft



Pianist-keyboardist Bob Ravenscroft is an accomplished jazz musician, composer, recording artist, and teacher that cut his teeth in the jazz clubs of Chicago. He remains a constant visionary who casts spheres of influence on both the Christian and artistic communities and unabashedly seeks captivating new ways to honor God with music and fine arts.


Bob's focus is the solo piano idiom as well as an improvisational collective that goes by the name Inner Journeys. Both settings explore his love of free composition modalities.
In 2013, Bob dreamed up a project called LoveSong, which combines standard song lyric readings and other related poetry, with both straight-ahead jazz and freestyle
solo piano renderings.

An able and avid teacher, Bob has served on several university jazz studies faculties throughout his career. He also toured the country for a decade with the Christian ministry "Majesty."  In 2004, Bob founded Music Serving The Word Ministries (MSW) where he continues to create and encourage others to discover new and innovative ways for music to transcend mere performance and truly serve the living Word. John 1:1

Bob records devotionals for MSW that combine music with readings from the works of leading Christian authors and biblical scholars in a program entitled “Morning Glories.” Incidentally, Bob shares his heart for ministry with ancestor Thomas Ravenscroft who composed "The Whole Book of Psalms" in 1621. 

An essential audio devotional series entitled "Discover the Lectionary" is a collaboration with Richard Parrish, Director of Spiritual Care for MSW Ministries. Together, they've composed an extensive audio library consisting of all three years [A, B, and C]of the Revised Common Lectionary, [which follows the Liturgical calendar of the church]. Each weekly reading features Richard Parrish speaking the scriptures, prayers, and commentary while Bob weaves improvisational music into and around the spoken word. These deeply inspirational devotions are available at

"Master improvisational pianist Bob Ravenscroft has been a vital force in the Valley’s jazz community for decades — as an inspirational educator, consummate musician and generous philanthropist. Bob has concentrated much of his creative juice on free jazz and his unique brand of spiritual-based music for many years, and will continue in his brilliant interpretation of songs from the Great American Song Book, original compositions, and the magnificent works associated with iconic jazz pianist Bill Evans." 
 — Joel Robbins, The Nash, Phoenix, AZ


Founders of Music Serving The Word Ministries

Bob and Gretchen Ravenscroft 
launched MSW Ministries* in 2004. 


For decades, founders Bob and Gretchen have been committed to the cause of Christ, the renewal of worship, and to supporting music and the arts that serve God's Word.

*a private operating foundation.


Watch Documentary


A documentary about founder Bob Ravenscroft
and the development of MSW Ministries.



  • Advancements in Jazz music and technology
    Conceptualized by master improvisational pianist-composer, Bob Ravenscroft, Ravenswave was born in 2002. Working alongside audiophile producer John Gibson of Wavebase Productions, Ravenswave’s goal is to capture the sights and sounds of jazz with the fine detail of today’s best recording technology ... read more
  • Leadership, and contributions to the arts"
    Eliza Garrett Distinguished Service Award (2014) Ravenswave Recording Studio, founder Ravenscroft Pianos, co-founder Jazz In AZ (music education-based organization), sponsor Jazzbird Foundation Scholarship, President and CO ASU School of Music - Bob & Gretchen Ravenscroft Professor of Practice, sponsor Music Serving the Word Ministries, founder
  • One especially meaningful scripture...
    1Corinthians 13:13 "So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love."
  • What is C. B. S. ?
    Commit. Believe. Show Up.
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