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Taking Jazz to the Forefront of Audio-Video Recording Technology

Using state-of-the-art recording technology, Ravenswave Recordings has taken jazz to the next level in audio and video quality, bringing the sound and feel of a live performance right into your living room.

Conceptualized by master improvisational pianist-composer, Bob Ravenscroft, Ravenswave was born in 2002. Working alongside audiophile producer John Gibson of Wavebase Productions, Ravenswave’s goal is to capture the sights and sounds of jazz with the fine detail of today’s best recording technology and mastering CD manufacturing expertise.

Among the label’s recent releases are the two-disc, triple hybrid SACD Three Alone and the nationally acclaimed The Bob Ravenscroft Trio at Taliesin West.

Another part of the Ravenswave mission is to explore just how vital improvisational music can be to the spiritual experience. Bob Ravenscroft is an impassioned pioneer in the search for ways to relate our intuitive responses to uncompromising music with the profound thoughts and emotions found along the paths to truth.

Ravenswave is a tribute to the marriage of music and technology. As technology changes and advances, so will Ravenswave. Keep a lookout for future state-of-the-art releases.
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