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Bob Ravenscroft Trio

A meticulously produced one-of a kind "live" performance of improvised jazz that really puts you "there." 

Insipired interplay by a cooking jazz group in a setting that simpy glows! This is the Bob Ravenscroft Trio performing live in Frank Lloyd Wright's personal Music Pavilion, tucked away at his western architectural enclave, the legendary Taliesin West. The natural spontaneity of Ravenscroft's improvised jazz is a perfect match for Taliesin West's uniquely warm and intimate atmosphere. The 72-minute performance by master improvisational pianist-composer Bob Ravenscroft, bassist Warren Jones and drummer Rob Schuh, takes the listener on an elegant and engaging journey through jazz with inspired renderings of works by such greats as Bill Evans, Scott LaFaro, Gary McFarland, Joe Zawinul, Cole Porter and more.

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Album Release Notes (2002):

The Bob Ravenscroft Trio anchors the new Ravenswave Recording® label, which has emerged as a special, state-of-the-art “audiophile jazz” music company dedicated to capturing the sound of jazz as “lush” and “intimate” as today’s rapidly-advancing recording techniques will allow. Most recently Bob Ravenscroft Trio gave birth to a breathtaking new studio album called Three Alone, a two-disc triple-hybrid SACD produced at Bernie Becker Recording & Mastering in Burbank, featuring some great new originals. The album can be played in the pristine Super Audio CD (SACD) format, on surround stereo, and on conventional CD players as well.


Ravenswave’s first release, The Bob Ravenscroft Trio at Taliesin West, was a labor of love from many standpoints. This intimate evening in the Music Pavilion at Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed western enclave, Taliesin West, was recorded in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Jazz fans with DVD players dig the superb audio and video qualities, and the concert really "comes alive" in the most sophisticated home theaters. Ken Hughes of Keyboard Magazine called it “…the Courvoisier of jazz DVDs.” (The album is also available on compact disc.) Like its recordings, the group’s live performances pay homage to the Bob Ravenscroft Trio’s contemporary musical roots, which just happen to read like the history of jazz itself. The threesome can deliver inspired renderings of challenging works by jazz greats such as Bill Evans, Scott LaFaro, Gary McFarland and Joe Zawinul, or they can take off into sheer exploration on Bob Ravenscroft’s impressionistic originals. Ravenscroft’s style is sensitive and seasoned, but also far-ranging and free.

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