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Story behind the making of TCA’s RAVENSCROFT® Piano

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Bob Ravenscroft commissions a custom Ravenscroft Model 275 for the Tempe Center of the Arts. Michael Spreeman the owner of Spreeman Piano Innovations and the creator of the Ravenscroft Piano explains how this piano was custom built for this wonderful performance venue. Bob Ravenscroft explains how the whole thing began with a vision shared by he and his wife Gretchen. TCA is now home to a world class custom built 9 foot Concert Grand Piano.

The Tempe Arts Center for the Arts received a Ravenscroft 275 Concert Grand Piano. The Ravenscroft is custom built in Scottsdale, Arizona by Michael and Andrew Spreeman and Robert Springer at Spreeman Piano Innovations. The hand built piano was custom designed for the acoustics and aesthetics of TCA.

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