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Intersections 1 CD

Bob Ravenscroft Trio

if you are a jazz listener looking for another straight-ahead offering, you won`t find it here. However, what you will find is an intriguing interplay by three very gifted and creative jazz musicians. Although the three are united in the traditional acoustic jazz trio arrangement: piano, bass, and drums, they use no preexisting “charts” or tunes to give structure to their improvisations. Rather, they use the concepts of “through-composed” or “free jazz” to express their music. During the recording process, each member would simply begin an idea, and the others would join in, much like in a live conversation among three people ardently expressing their views.

Although the pieces have names, the listener is urged to create his or her own. The music style may be called a “Jazz Movie Score of Life Experiences” — it is music intended to conjure up various “moods”, which will be unique to each listener. In that, the listener is actively a vital organic part of the creative musical experience!

Enjoy the ride, as you won`t be disappointed in the journey. “Intersections” was derived from the analogy of three different vehicles traveling similar paths, perhaps at different velocities, and meeting at various intersections along the way…

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